9. International Symposium on Ecology and Environmental Problems-ISEEP 2019

01 Kasım - 03 Kasım 2019

Antalya, Türkiye
Aska Lara Resort and Spa Hotel

Since 1990, these symposia have been held at national and international level to discuss the solution of ecological and environmental problems with the participation of various universities and experts, to exchange views and to propose appropriate measures. We will now turn to ’’ IX. International Symposium on Ecology and Environmental Problems’’, in Antalya.

The structural causes of global and local environmental degradation, development and environmental problems and the role and co-responsibility of the industrial nations are put in the foreground. We want to contribute to a fairer, more ecological and more peaceful economy and society through public relations, campaigning and educational work.

We do not live in an unlimited world with not inexhaustible realities, but we live in a limited space. It does not matter whether we belong to an economically highly developed country or to an economically and socially weak country. We should all pay attention to resources, the atmosphere, forests, water systems, oceans, terrestrial spaces and biodiversity and take or propose protective measures.

We must point out any pollution of ecosystems and the vast numbers of social, ecological and environmental problems. We must be clear that we do not have enough resources around the world to raise the standard of living of all people to that of a North American or a Western European, nor to achieve it without polluting the environment. That is why every human being has an important task to fulfil in the education and continuation of modern societies, how to save the world from the destruction of the environment. If one looks at the finds of the Göbeklitepe, one can correctly analyze the development history of mankind up to the present time. It shows us clearly how mankind controlled the forces of nature that domesticated plants and animals. The progress of mankind went from hunting and gathering to agriculture to industry, and now to the information age. So it has evolved from the natural world to the created artificial world to a virtual world to the detriment of the environment.

Developments in the wind energy industry and renewable energies are to be regarded as environmentally friendly technologies everywhere. Above all, the unpredictable catastrophes such as Fukushima can be a prime example for people of why nuclear energy should be expected. Humanity's energy needs have shaped the world's landscape and nature. Where a stream or a river flows, today there is a dam or a hydroelectric power station. Brown coal mining destroys the whole environment and the atmosphere. The development of genetic engineering and nanotechnology, the conquest of space and the earth or nature were not enough for mankind. For these and any other reasons the natural conditions and environment are reduced and destroyed from day to day. So it is already realized what Descartes predicted four hundred years ago that technology would lead us to the ''masters and owners of nature''. Today, unfortunately, this statement is realized to the detriment of the environment. This is why human civilization today is facing a great and worldwide ecological crisis. This ecological crisis, which we have done to the earth in all its beauty, and which we claim to dominate over nature with increasing destructive power from day to day, will not continue indefinitely. That is why mankind must use resources efficiently in order to be able to continue producing in the future.

Now the time has come to fundamentally question the development, to show how much we are very attached to it, and what completely different visions of the future there might be. This ''IX. International Symposium on Ecology and Environmental Problems'' will help us to find solutions to the environmental problems of the future through the cooperation of various scientists from numerous countries. In order to solve these problems, various ideas and scientific research results will be shared with us and relevant discussions will be held. Everyone in the world can learn from each other. This symposium could contribute a lot to this.

Prof. Dr. Ilhami Kiziroğlu

Chairman of the symposium

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